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 It's happening again... 
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Post It's happening again...
11 September 2017
DTG | Sabery: Thanks for accepting my friend request! ^^
Rapid: no problem
DTG | Sabery: Sorry for fanboy-ing so much yesterday,but I'm a big fan.
Rapid: what do you mean?
DTG | Sabery: I mean that I was like: O G ITS REWAL RAOID
DTG | Sabery: Basically I acted like a retard?
Rapid: no, what are you a fan of
Rapid: I don't do anything
DTG | Sabery: Oh this is kinda awkward
DTG | Sabery: I thought you were the Youtuber named Rapid
DTG | Sabery: Well,still,I won't complain
Rapid: I'm looking at this guys videos, hes not even that good.
DTG | Sabery is now Away.

I think hes upset.

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Mon 11 Sep 2017 12:26
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Post Re: It's happening again...
This is excellent.

Tue 12 Sep 2017 20:22
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Post Re: It's happening again...
Dang, I got a scammer today. Might as well add to this.

obvious scammer: hey
Portponky: hi there
obvious scammer: Hi
obvious scammer: I was wondering if I can offer paypal for your unusual?
Portponky: which one? i have 3
obvious scammer: 3?
Portponky: oh, actually I have a bunch more, but only 3 really popular ones
obvious scammer: which 3 popular ones?
Portponky: self made unusual unusual cap
Portponky: unusual madame dixie, obviously
Portponky: and a virtual viewfinder
obvious scammer: nice
obvious scammer: anyway
obvious scammer: wanted to buy blighted beak and antlers perhaps?
Portponky: you don't want the madame dixie?
obvious scammer: not for now
Portponky: pfft fine
obvious scammer: why?
Portponky: i just thought you had a refined taste, that's all
obvious scammer: sorry
Portponky: that's okay, it sounds good
Portponky: i'd rather keep the madame dixie for now, if that's okay
obvious scammer: yes
obvious scammer: can I buy the 2 other?
Portponky: sure
obvious scammer: the antlers and blighted beak?
Portponky: yes but don't craft them together
obvious scammer: Oh
obvious scammer: you dont have mobile authenticator..
Portponky: not right now
Portponky: I can turn it on though
obvious scammer: when though?
Portponky: well there's a bit of a personal problem about that
obvious scammer: It needs to be activated for 7 days..
Portponky: I can wait 7 days
obvious scammer: okay
Portponky: in fact I'll probably be here for a very long time
obvious scammer: why
Portponky: I'm in syria
obvious scammer: okay
Portponky: I was an IT contractor but I was captured by isis :(
obvious scammer: NICE
Portponky: hey not really
Portponky: I mean it's not that bad, they let me go on the computer
Portponky: because I told them I'm an IT expert
obvious scammer: nice
obvious scammer: can you bomb me
Portponky: no
Portponky: don't make fun, the last 6 months have been really bad for me
Portponky: they're not exactly the best people you know
obvious scammer: oh okay
Portponky: hey do you do bitcoin transactions? they love bitcoin
Portponky: FROST ?
obvious scammer: yoi
Portponky: can you pay with bitcoin?
obvious scammer: yes
obvious scammer: I want ak and m4
Portponky: my captors have those
Portponky: i can probably post some if you pay the shipping
obvious scammer: give me
obvious scammer: im from philippines in marawi
obvious scammer: i need one to fight the isis here too
Portponky: I know the feeling
obvious scammer: you are with isis
obvious scammer: you dont know the feeling
Portponky: before I was captured I knew many fighters who fought against them
obvious scammer: nah
Portponky: have you ever even been to syria? you have no idea
obvious scammer: yes
obvious scammer: im from syria
obvious scammer: i walked to philippines
obvious scammer: wam
obvious scammer: swam aswell
Portponky: that seems unlikely
obvious scammer: im serious
Portponky: I get the feeling you are mocking me :(
obvious scammer: no im not
Portponky: how much are you offering for the unusuauls
obvious scammer: 1000$ + 2AK and 1 rocket launcher?
Portponky: a cs: go rocket launcher?
obvious scammer: no a serious rocket aluncher
Portponky: I don't play cs: go
Portponky: OH, okay
Portponky: that is a highly generous offer
obvious scammer: yes
Portponky: I can probably negotiate for my freedom if I have enough bitcoin and some weapons or drugs to trade
Portponky: I guess if it's paypal I can buy bitcoin
obvious scammer: yes\
obvious scammer: you could
Portponky: but i am not giving you the madame dixie
obvious scammer: yes
Portponky: I'll do it on one condition
obvious scammer: wo
Portponky: can you get a message to my family
obvious scammer: sure
obvious scammer: i have your family here
Portponky: what oh no
obvious scammer: safe and sound
Portponky: are you the bad guy
obvious scammer: no
Portponky: ok good
Portponky: I don't believe you
obvious scammer: hi port, its me mom
obvious scammer: stay safe
Portponky: you don't even know my country of origin
obvious scammer is now Offline.

Thu 14 Sep 2017 16:30
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